The State of Mobile Report 2013 is out:

"50% of the average global mobile web users now use mobile as either their primary or exclusive means of going online"

"57% of users say they won't recomend a business with a poorly designed mobile site"

"Not having a mobile optimized website is like closing your store one day a week."

See full report below:

An optimized mobile website has now become a necessity for any business.

There are various ways to transform a website into a mobile optimized site.

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How to optimize your web site for all your customers devices

Responsive web design

This format is extremely efficient and displays the same content in optimized format and size - depending on the users device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Responsive web design converts your website into an optimized experience for your client.

One example: AzureFire just launched Vince's Autobody website in responsive design technology - for our client in Sedona.
You can see yourself how it works when you open the website on a computer and slowly size your browser window smaller. You will recognize a change in the layout depending on the window's width. The content stays the same - the design changes.

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Responsive web design
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Responsive Web Design is a Web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).
A site designed with Responsive Web Design adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries, an extension of the @media rule.


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The Iron Eagle is a spectacular, world-record-breaking challenge ride. This year's theme is “Mobilizing to Defeat Diabetes.”

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